I’ve been to Tokyo twice and really enjoy the vibe there. Sometimes when I’m in America, people look at me and my outfits as if I’m a crazy person…but, really, I’m just funky (and considered normal over there.) Japan gets me, and I happen to be somewhat influenced by their fashion and art and the whole ~kawaii~ lifestyle. I just like how the name of things over there are so romantic and whimsical. Like…there’s a bridge called “the Rainbow bridge.” Eeeee. 🌈

  • HOTEL ?

I haven’t gotten a chance to stay in cool/fancy hotels yet in my life. But, I have done the Air Bnb thing and I find that more interesting because it’s almost like stepping into someone else’s life for a week. Whenever I travel, I like to experience the city as a normal person residing there would; drink out of their mugs, sleep in their bed, walk to the corner shops they go to, etc.


I always say if I wasn’t living in LA, I would live in London. I feel like I just fit in there and it’s so vast and cultural. I also love the fact that it is so easy to get to other cities in Europe so easily and quickly. I hope to be able to travel around Europe a lot more in the near future. I’d love to go to the Netherlands, Germany, Italy and Ireland.

  • FOOD?

I eat Mexican food and sushi most of the time. I grew up as a vegetarian and now I’m a pescatarian, so I find I have a lot of options with those two (especially in LA.) I also like South Indian food a lot too. There’s a great little place on the east side called Paru’s I’ve been going to since I was a baby.

  • DRINK?

I lovvvvve my tequila. I joke with my friends that margaritas make up like 30% of my weekly diet. Either strawberry blended or spicy jalapeño on the rocks with salt. Extra lime. ☺️

  • DRUG?

Sometimes, I envy people who can do drugs. I’m too worried I’ll mess up my brain. You only have one, after all.

  • PARTY?

My best friend Gia throws pretty good parties at her house. We’ve had many a memorable night up there in Laurel Cyn.


I want a big Jeep or Range Rover. I like being high up.


I’m super into Cheek LDN, Maria Ke Fisherman and Emma Mulholland right now. I also really enjoy taking generic pieces from the 00’s and the 90’s and getting them custom decorated. My friends at Freak City always hook it up. 💥💰🎲✨🎱🌟👛🏁


Buzzfeed all day errrday.

  • APP?

I’ve been using Insta Emoji lately…you can decorate your photos with emoji stickers. It CAN get a little out of hand sometimes. (Check my Instagram!)

  • GAME?

I like old school board games like Life and card games like Hearts.

  • EMOJI?

😈 or 👑


Pig! Proud to say I’ve never eaten one in my life.

  • AGE?

I think the most fun year of my life was when I was 20. I was still under age and sneaking into clubs with my sister’s ID (which was all part of the thrill.) I was up to some weird stuff  and had an unusual amount of energy and stamina to stay out late all the time. It was particularly a year where I made a whole new circle of friends and experienced a lot of ‘independence’ for the first time. I didn’t really have full adult responsibilities yet.

  •     YEAR?

1998/99 was the shit. Shopping at Limited Too and Friends with my mom was literal heaven. I really liked school then, and started to work professionally too, so life was care free. I was doing everything I loved- ballet, music and acting. I could also still eat whatever I wanted because I was a little STICK and hadn’t hit puberty yet.

  • MUSIC?

I’m really into Stromae right now. His live show blew my mind visually and musically. He’s a star. I get Bowie vibes from his confidence and quirkiness. I also dig a group from London called Kero Kero Bonito. The lead singer’s voice is really cute and she raps in Japanese.

  • MOVIE?

Romy and Michele’s High School Reunion, The Birdcage, Clueless, Freeway, and Gone With the Wind are some of my absolute favs.


Sebastian Masuda in Tokyo is super inspiring to me. He’s kind of the ambassador to the whole kawaii movement. We’ve communicated and plan to work together in the near future on some visuals and set pieces for my live show one day. The stuff he builds is insane and just incredibly colorful and creepy/cute, which is the vibe that speaks to me the most.


Definitely seeing the world. Like I said…I can’t wait to travel more. I really would like to see more of America. I have this fantasy of camping in Montana and riding horses with a handsome man as the sun is setting. LOL.


I volunteer at dog rescues whenever I have free time. It’s really fulfilling and I know it sounds corny, but it warms my heart that I’m making a difference in these creatures’ lives. The people who run these organizations are absolute saints. 🙏🏼💕🐶