Aileen Quintana is an, artist, creative director, and mastermind behind
MakeupByAileen. We are proud to announce her as part of the RPB Studio + Fun! Mag team and the head of our Miami operations. As a Miami native, one of the key visions behind her work
includes giving back to the community that has given her so much. Her work
includes image consulting, set design, and back of house production for
events, venues, and festivals, including this year’s Miami Beach Art
Basel. Fusing art and beauty through interactive and art installations,
Quintana finds expression using multiple mediums that entice a person’s
senses in a complementary combination. Her work creates a transcendent
experience that blurs the lines between the artist and the art, and allows
the mind to open in endless possibilities.
Located in the heart of Miami Beach and a prime location for Art Basel and
other major events, Aileen Quintana’s Open Art House is a one-of-a-kind
approach that allows an inside look into an artist’s home and invites
attendees to be part of the art. She ingeniously transformed her home into
a psychedelic paradise, curating each room individually with her personal
work. As one enters, he/she is transported through time and space to a
world teeming with vivid colors and abstract patterns, a direct view of
how Quintana sees the universe. Curated video artwork collaborations with
other local artists add another aesthetic element to her art funhouse, and
there are endless opportunities for guests to tour her interstellar
gallery and learn more about the mystic artist. Both Perrier and III
Points Music Festival are full supporters of this event, making it a
must-see for this year’s Art Basel.

Follow our Instagram as Aileen does a takeover this week.